A Comprehensive Guide: Find the Perfect Evacuation Stair Chairs

A stair chair, or evacuation chair, helps easily transport a person up or down flights of stairs. Finding the perfect one is quite a job since you have to be sure of its design, features, and other attributes. However, this blog is a complete guide to help you choose the right stair chair.

How Does Stair Chair Help in Effective Evacuation Process?

The evacuation process starts with being ready with the appropriate resources. The more quickly and effectively you can utilize these tools, the better. In times of emergency at high-storey buildings, a stair chair is the primary evacuation resource to be relied upon.

Always be ready for the unexpected!

Nowadays, it's necessary to be ready for anything. Situations like fires, floods, earthquakes, and system malfunctions could require quick action, endangering lives and making it even more crucial to be ready. You have a better chance of completing the task without added stress or incident if you have the appropriate tools and a well-thought-out evacuation strategy.

Line2ems stair chairs serve as saviors! The chairs have an extended handles on the front and back for transporting convenience, heavy-duty wheels that glide smoothly, heavy-duty webbing restraints, and EMS quick-release buckles on the conditions.

The chair can be folded for simple storage and transportation when not in use. A premium vinyl protective coating is applied on the stair chair for added durability and ease of cleaning. Depending on the type, these stair chairs have a weight capacity of 350 or 400 pounds. We have mentioned below a few of the most featured ones:

1. LINE2design Stair Chair - Medical Foldable Aluminum Mobile Evacuation Chair with Brake

This useful evacuation stair chair from Line2ems ensures comfort with its three adjustable black straps. It also delivers safety with quick-release buckles. The chair is strongly built for one-person operation with EMS emergency two wheels with a brake.

This EMS stairchair can support up to 400 pounds owing to the solid aluminum frame. They are the dependable equipment for emergency crews to move patients downstairs in any evacuation routes,

The operator and the passenger can evacuate safely and smoothly because of the chair's distinctive track arrangement. The chair has a footrest with an integrated foot strap and anti-slip grips on the handle, improving operator control.

LINE2design Stair Chair

2. LINE2design EMS Stair Chair - Medical Emergency Patient Lift Transfer -Single Operator

Emergency Evacuation via LINE2design EMS Stair Chair - Medical Emergency Patient Lift Transfer -Single Operator is a sturdy evacuation chair that can carry a weight of up to 175 lbs and is operated by one person to evacuate a person downstairs.

The chair's footrest acts as a grab grip that increases passenger comfort while allowing a second person to help in downward evacuations. Preferably, two operators are required because of its unique track system, which allows for a controlled evacuation of both the operator and the passenger.

This emergency evacuation chair relieves the operator from supporting the whole weight of the person by using belts set on two tracks. These belts enable the chair to balance and glide on the edge of the stairs.

LINE2design EMS Stair Chair

3. LINE2design Evacuation 4 Wheel EMS Stair Chair Lift with Patient Restraints Straps & Grip Handles

This functional stair chair feature a bright oxidation technique where metals are clear, shiny, and compact in all manufactured evac chairs. It uses an international standard aluminum grade metal with increased metal wall thickness.

This unique 4-wheel evacuation EMS stair chair is more stable and safe because of its usual 4-inch rear wheels, front extending support handles, rear folding heavy-duty support grasp handles, and three (3) webbing restraint straps.

This EMS stair chair comes with three quick-release restraint straps. The chair also includes blue vinyl protective cover material created to maintain and offer exceptional comfort and strength.

LINE2design Evacuation 4 Wheel EMS Stair Chair
4. LINE2design Emergency Evacuation 2 Wheel Stair Chair Lift EMS Quick Release Buckle with Patient Restraint Straps & Front-Back Handles

LINE2design EMS, Emergency Evacuation Standard 2-wheel stair chair, includes three heavy-duty quick-release restraint straps to secure people during transport or while moving up or downstairs.

In addition, the chair also features a heavy-duty orange vinyl protective cover that is durable and easy to clean. This stairchair has front and back handles for more uncomplicated handling and 2 - 5′′ rear wheels that make it easy to move on most surfaces.

The chair has two back handles that support non-locking and is used for upward lift. The evacuation stair chair's front two handles telescope out and lock into position to provide the best possible level of security.

LINE2design Emergency Evacuation 2 Wheel Stair Chair

We try our best to make your selection of the best stair chair easy with our top-rated customer support.  Our LINE2design stair chairs focus on leading the industry in durability and safety while providing you with the best solution for each individual's needs.