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Mobile stair chairs, evacuation stretchers and other emergency medical supplies

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We offer a range of wholesale firefighter gear bags, glove holders, and other accessories

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Our business has evolved over its 23 year life span into the premier go-to manufacturing company for all your Fire and Medical needs. Beginning with the Firefighter door and sprinkler Wedge, our first product was custom designed as a way to produce a handy product used for firefighters and paramedics with more modern technology. Originally whittled out of wood, LINE2design altered the wedge to include many special unique features for better performance as well improving the product by using a light weight fire-resistive plastic.



I have never experienced anyone after a business transaction ever following  up with such human kindness and compassion....yes I’m truly moved


The staff at LINE2design have been so courteous and helpful! Thank you for answering all our questions.


The product looks just like the picture, is large with lots of pockets for organization and is very good quality for a great price. I would highly recommend it.


I volunteer as a first responder, so my purchase had to be dependable and function well, which it does with no problem.


The product was perfect for my accident-prone husband. He keeps it in his work truck and has used it multiple times for his crews. It has everything you need and more. The bag has plenty of pockets for storage and even left-over room if you need to add anything.


Oh wow! You sell all the stuff we pray we’ll never need!  You are tending to everyone’s worse-case scenario :-).  Thank you for taking care of that.


LINE2design is service-oriented and accommodating.  I will recommend it.


My wife is excited to use your product. It has been a pleasure to work with LINE2design and I wish your company all the best.


Nice speaking with you today. I think I will want to purchase a second chair from you! This one has been so helpful to me.