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Blood Pressure Multi-Cuff Kit 5 with Extra Large High Contrast Gauge & Stethoscope

The LINE2design Blood Pressure Multi-Cuff Kit 5 with Extra Large High Contrast Gauge and Stethoscope includes five latex free blood pressure cuffs and is contained neatly in a red, all-impervious bag that will keep the cuffs and accessories protected. The LINE2design Blood Pressure Multi-Cuff Kit 5 has five latex free blood pressure cuffs: infant, child, adult, large adult and thigh...

LINE2design 58730-BK Manual Blood Pressure Cuff - Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

The best value in patient care! These LINE2design Blood Pressure Cuffs have a Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, guaranteed accuracy with a no needle stop gauge that registers the actual pressure reading. The Blood Pressure Cuffs come in a variety of sizes and have an adjustable velcro cuff, as well as a comfortable inflation valve with a metal locking screw. Unit comes complete...

LINE2design Blood Pressure Cuff Kit, 5 BP Cuffs with an Aneroid Gauge and Nylon Carrying Case - Blue

The LINE2design Blood Pressure Cuff Kit offers 5 cuffs held neatly in an organized blue nylon case that keeps the cuffs protected. A chrome-plated aneroid gauge is included with the BP Kit.  The internal pouches are individually labeled, indicating the size of each BP cuff, to make it easy to find when you are ready to use.   This is...

LINE2design Blood Pressure Cuff Kit-5 Replacement Gauge

The LINE2design palm sphygmomanometer is the most often used BP gauge used by health care, most accurate and reliable manual blood pressure monitor. Easy to interchange between cuffs. Tight connection as always after hundreds of uses. This Palm Sphygmomanometer is easy to use. Features High Blood Pressure Cuff Multi Kit-5. The LINE2design Blood Pressure Kit-5 offers you choices of 5...

LINE2design Medical Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope EMS Paramedic Duel Head Stethoscopes with 2 Pairs Ear Tips - Black

The Sprague Rappaport stethoscope offers the EMS and medical professionals an economical solution for those situations that require a quality listening device. Each stethoscope features a chrome binaural, silver chest piece, and 22″ Y-tubing, duel head and 2 pair of ear tips. All Sprague stethoscopes are packaged with a spare diaphragm and a pair of mushroom ear tips. Overall stethoscope length...