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First Aid Supplies


LINE2design Chest Seal, Occlusive Dressing, Open Chest Wound, Trauma First Aid, 2 Pack

The LINE2design Chest Seal is an advanced occlusive dressing designed to treat open chest trauma. The Chest Seal is used when there are penetrating injuries to the chest that result in open chest wounds that may lead to traumatic tension pneumothorax. The LINE2design Trauma Chest Seals are specifically designed with an emergency medical grade hydrogel adhesive strong enough to adhere to...

LINE2design Elastic Bandages Support Stretched Latex Free 3"x5 Yards Packed with 2 Attachment Clips

The LINE2design Elastic Soft Wrap Bandages provide uniform support without restricting movement through the use of uniquely crafted materials that provide compression without impairing circulation. Each bandage is individually packaged with 2 attachment clips that are detachable for exact positioning and conformity. Measures 5 yards stretched. The Elastic Bandages by LINE2design are latex-free. 3-Pack   

LINE2design Emergency Quick Stopper Gauze Bandage Medical Bleeding Control Absorbent Dressing Bandages

Quick-Stopper Compression bandage by LINE2design are designed to act as a pressure, protection, and splint to control or stop bleeding of large open wounds. Highly absorbent pad and featuring an attached elastic gauze wrap.  This is ideal to Stop the Bleed with the non-stick 5"x 8 1/2"  wide absorbent pad is designed to cover and conform to hard-to-wrap areas. Size,...

LINE2design First Aid Wound Dressing Sterile Medical Emergency Multi Trauma EMS Non Woven Bandage 12" x 30"

The LINE2design Sterile Multi Trauma Dressing is ideal to use for major trauma and wound bleeding control. Constructed of a soft, non-woven facing with highly absorbent fillings. Provides superior padding and protection for major wounds. These sterile medical dressings can be used for treating burns, lacerations, fractures or to control bleeding. Dressing measures 12″x 30″ and can be purchased by...

LINE2design Israeli 4” Compression Bandage, Battle Dressing for First Aid, 2 Pack …

LINE2design Israeli 4” Emergency Compression Bandage, Battle Dressing for First Aid Kits, 2 Pack LINE2design Israeli 4” Bandage provides pressure to control bleeding and provides multiple applications for pre-hospital traumatic injuries making it ideal for the treatment for severe blood loss. The Israeli compression bandage provides hemorrhage control and tourniquet action in emergency medical wound situations. One piece compression bandage...

LINE2design Portable Sharps Needles Container Small Pocket Size Travel Sharps Containers with Locking Lid - Semi Clear

The Needle Sharps Container is portable pocket size and is easy to use, easy to open and close with one hand.   The convenient small pocket size needle sharps holder is great carrying case and will fit in the smallest locations.  This sharps container is ideal for Diabetics, EMT's, Firefighters, Paramedics, Emergency Rescue and nursing personnel. It is great for personal...