Emergency First Aid Oxygen Bags for EMTs & Paramedics

Emergency First Aid Oxygen Bags for EMTs & Paramedics


First responders depend on the durability and functionality of their equipment to handle what might be life-or-death emergency situations. For paramedics, EMTs, fire fighters, and ambulances, a well-equipped, durable and well-made oxygen bag is an absolute must.


To answer the need, Line2Design brings you a collection of three medical oxygen bags, each designed for portability, durability, and functionality, providing ample storage for portable emergency oxygen equipment.


Chances are, one of these first aid oxygen bags is right for your needs:


Line2design EMS Oxygen Medical Airway Management Bag #50100-G

The 50100-G is the most popular oxygen bag for good reason: it’s a durable and roomy padded bag, made specifically to accommodate D or Jumbo-D oxygen tanks. The inside compartment has a removable, adjustable, soft divider with sturdy clasps to hold it in place. For accessory storage, you’ll find a full-length mesh pocket inside the lid as well as zippered pockets at each end. Exterior opens from top or side panels to access supplies. The bag itself is green with reflective yellow trim on three sides, and the word OXYGEN in bold, white lettering against a black background on one side. Zippers and hardware are all heavy-duty, and it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free transport. Priced at $68, this is by far our most popular oxygen bag, both for value and functionality.


Line2design First Aid Deluxe EMS Medical Oxygen Bag #50550-R

Our Deluxe Oxygen Bag was designed specifically for Line2EMS – by paramedics, and for any first-responder who needs a durable, user-friendly oxygen bag to transport all of their emergency oxygen supplies and accessories. An attractive and easily seen bright red color, it features reflective yellow striping for low-light visibility needs, plus an adjustable shoulder strap. The bag itself is constructed of impervious vinyl, protecting the contents from liquids, cuts or punctures. Two heavy-duty sliding rails on the bottom add to its strength, and a removable tray and several smaller pockets to accommodate various accessories and supplies. The bottom of the bag is padded to protect contents and is impervious to damage. Heavy duty zippers complete the package, and its 28”x14”x11” size is generous enough to hold everything you need to get the job done.


Line2design All-Impervious First Aid Deluxe EMS Oxygen Medical Bag #50600-RB

Our top-of-the-line royal blue and black medical oxygen bag is made of the most durable impervious fabric of any oxygen carrying system available today. It includes all the features of the 50550-R, with several padded pockets on the exterior and adjustable, padded, removable compartments on the inside to hold everything you need. Its impervious, padded bottom is designed to withstand any external cuts, punctures or liquids, and its cushioning protects adequately from impact to protect its contents. Reflective yellow striping helps you remain visible in low-light emergency situations. Can be transported by top handles or fully adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free operation. End panel opens for tank access, and external bottom rails help to cushion from impact. This may be the only oxygen bag you’ll ever need!


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