Guide to Choosing the Best Firefighter Gear Bags Online

Choosing the right firefighter gear bag is essential for the protection of your firefighter gear. How can you tell which gear bag is best for you when so many options are available?

How is a Firefighter Gear Bag Useful?

A spacious turnout gear bag can be used for so many things! Gearbags are useful for firefighters operating in departments with a high volume of station transfers or regular personnel moves to meet daily staffing needs. A turnout gear bag is also an easy way to transfer your PPE from one location to another.


Different Types of Firefighter Gear Bags

Firefighter gear bags are offered in various styles, sizes, and colors to suit your individual needs. This allows you to distinguish your gearbag easily and might assist you in determining the size of the bag you require. LINE2ems provides several options in firefighter gear bags, allowing you to select the best one as per your needs.

These gear bags are built to endure the challenging duties of firefighters. With features like helmet pockets and various side compartments for smaller gear, you can transport everything you need all in one place. 

The below-listed turnout gear bags are built for adverse weather to control and maintain a standard thermal condition within the clothing. They are also water-repellent, durable, and lightweight since they are made out of Ripstop outer fabric and an infused inner lining that makes it easy to clean.

Gear Bag with Reflective Trim and Maltese Cross

Here are a few of the best gear bags that are functional and may live up to all your requirements:

  1. LINE2design Firefighter Jumbo Turnout Gear Bag with Reflective Trim and Maltese Cross

A truly lightweight fabric gear bag with heavy-duty strength, LINE2design Firefighter Jumbo Gear Bag is one of the most advanced, long-lasting bag in the market. This bag dries rapidly after washing, making it easier to clean. These bags have a removable padded shoulder strap with metal clips. The bag has a reinforced bottom with webbing handles looped around it.

The bag has five zipped storage sections for necessities and daily items. The transparent back with flap closing allows for good ventilation. Yellow reflective trim helps enhance visibility at night and in low-light situations.

The most advanced feature in it is, it is Abrasion Resistant that outlasts other synthetics under rough use. Other than this they are stain Resistant as they have nonabsorbent inner properties. Mildew Resistant - with built in anti-microbial blockers, Colorfast - Solution dyed; the fibers simply reduce fading.


  1. LINE2design Mesh Firefighter Turnout Gear Bag with an all Impervious Bottom

The market's most cutting-edge resilient, synthetic fabric is made in the LINE2design Mesh Firefighter Turnout Gear Bag. Super strong mesh fabric provides total breathability for your gear. Heavy-duty impervious fabric for added strength and protection. The material also allows your wet turnout gear to drain and easily dry more quickly without the mildew odor.

The gear bag has D-Ring to attach gloves, keys or other accessories. It contains a single main extra-large mesh zipped storage compartment and one smaller zippered storage pocket on the outside for transporting important and everyday goods.

The specially created inner material has a PVC layer that prevents hazardous gases from escaping and keeps water from entering the bag. The PVC inner liner is robust and straightforward to maintain.

  1. LINE2design Firefighter XXL Turnout Gear Bag with Yellow Reflective Trim

The LINE2design Firefighter XXL Turnout Gear Bag with Yellow Reflective Trimgear bag is made of the most innovative, long-lasting synthetic fabric in the market. The water-repellent outer layer of the incorporated Ripstop fabric allows it to withstand above-average water exposure.

The carefully developed inner fabric has an integrated PVC layer that keeps water out of the bag while also keeping harmful gases out. The PVC inner liner is long-lasting and easy to clean.

The bag comes with padded shoulder strap and several pockets to store for turnouts and bunker gear. It is consist of Outside Front Pockets which are ideal for radios, flashlights, clipboards, etc.

  1. LINE2design Elite Firefighter Gear Bag Fireman Rescue Turnout Fire Bag

LINE2design Elite Firefighter Gear Bag Fireman Rescue Turnout Fire Bag has two zippered storage pockets on each end, one large zipped storage compartment in the centre for carrying critical and everyday gear, and eight smaller storage pockets on both sides.

A PVC layer integrated into the carefully created inside fabric keeps water and dangerous gases out of the bag. The PVC inner liner is long-lasting and simple to clean.

The integrated Ripstop fabric's water-repellent outer layer enables bags to tolerate more water exposure than is typical. Ripstop has the advantage of having a good strength-to-weight ratio and that minor tears do not spread quickly.


Make sure to consider the bag's size, material, zippers, and special features before making your final decision because when you are on the job, you need your gear and equipment to be ready every time. You can always rely on LINE2design products to meet the job's demands. Please contact us via our contact page if you have any questions.