Surviving a Workplace Emergency: Don't Overlook this Key Evacuation Essential

Stay Prepared

Preparing for an emergency is like buying insurance, you hope you'll never need to use it, but you don't regret having it when it's there. For anyone in a multi-story building, this is one evacuation essential that you absolutely need to have. It's the stair chair or evacuation chair. 

What does a Evacuation Stair Chair do? 

In the same way that a wheelchair helps you easily transport a person on flat ground, a stair chair, or evacuation chair helps easily transport a person up or down flights of stairs. This lightweight device is available in a number of different models. 

Why is an Evacuation Stair Chair so Important? 

While it varies by state, and your specific place of work, federal accessibility standards and OSHA standards require an emergency action plan. For organizations larger than 10 people, more work needs to be done to ensure that there are people in the case of an emergency who are able to help supervise and coordinate the execution of the Emergency Action Plan. 

Where does an evacuation stair chair come into play? It could be of use in any multi-story building or facility. The chair can be used to help transport employees who are disabled or have limited mobility for any reason. 

In a private residence, an evacuation stair chair may be an item to keep on the upper floor for any family members who have limited mobility or are disabled. Unlike workplace evacuation situations, a single-operator stair chair may be a better choice.  

About the Single Operator Stair Chair

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