The Importance of having a Good Evacuation Plan for Universities

The Importance of having a Good Evacuation Plan for Universities


As we head into the fall semester, there are many things to think about: students are thinking about their studies, living arrangements, friends, and activities, and faculties are thinking about how best to support the incoming student population.


While emergency safety and evacuation plans may not be first and foremost on your mind, it should be – at this time of year especially. Once classes start up again and the campus fills up with tomorrow’s leaders, your mind will undoubtedly be on other things, so taking the time to develop a solid evacuation plan now will pay dividends in the future – especially if you are ever faced with an unfortunate happenstance such as a fire, flood, power outage, or some other widespread threat that requires fast action.


Evacuation challenges on campus

On a university campus, you might be dealing with several buildings spread out over a large area. Each separate building needs to have its own evacuation plan that is specific to the building, one that takes into account all the potential hazards and provides workable solutions that make sense.


Having the right equipment makes evacuation easier. Some of the essential evacuation and safety items you should have on hand include:

This handy foldaway stretcher is ideal for moving patients from point a to point b safely and quickly. Even if you have limited space to store evacuation equipment, this stretcher has the ability to fold and store just about anywhere. It folds down into a zippered carrying case and is as light as can be, allowing for easy deployment no matter what the situation.

This reinforced foldaway stretcher is made of waterproof PVC, and is reinforced with two steel bars to accommodate a heavier load. Will not tear or stain, easy to clean and folds for easy storage, ready to go to work at a moment’s notice.


LINE2design 14-Handled Portable Transport Unit Transfer Sheet #70095

This rugged transport unit is ready for some heavy-duty lifting and transport duties. Made of water and fluid resistant non-woven material, it is flexible and can fold away for easy storage. It has a capacity of up to 1500 pounds, and features 14 aluminum handles, six on each side and one at each end, helping you move anything you need to move with ease.


LINE2design Emergency Evacuation 4-wheel EMS Stair Chair with Restraints

Transport precious cargo quickly and safely with this lightweight, heavy duty stair chair. Features include extending front handles, four wheels, and three webbing restraint straps to provide extra stability during evacuations. Capacity is 400 pounds, and its vinyl seat construction is as durable as it is easy to clean. Folds away for easy stowage in tight spaces.


Some emergency evacuation tips


The key to a successful evacuation is having your safety and evacuation equipment in an accessible area. Store emergency evacuation equipment in a room or storage area that is unlocked and does not have restricted access.


For multi-floor buildings, keep a full set of evacuation equipment on every floor. This is very important when you consider the potential for having to evacuate hundreds of students in a disaster situation.


Ensure that every building on campus is equipped with a fully stocked emergency room, and appoint a safety team to oversee its maintenance and accessibility in the scheme of your disaster recovery plan.


Carry out periodic drills to reinforce safety and evacuation procedures, not only among your campus safety team but also involving the students themselves. The more they know about your evacuation plan, the better they will be able to help if needed. Lives may depend on it!


LINE2design EMS Emergency Medical Evacuation Equipment

At LINE2EMS we have only one thing in mind: your safety. We supply first responders with the tools they need to save lives, and we have what you need to make your university emergency evacuation easier and safer. Browse our selection today, or call for a quote. We’d love to find out how we can help.