Why Everyone Needs This Simple Life-Saving Tool in Their Car

You're cruising along the highway, and then the worst-case scenario happens. Before you realize it, you're trapped in your car, struggled to undo the seatbelt or trying to open a door that doesn't work anymore and you desperately need to break the window. 

In areas that are prone to flooded roadways due to hurricanes or flash-flooding from regular heavy rain, keeping a window punch is an easy way to ensure survival in the case that you're ever trapped in a car that's rapidly filling up with water. 

Keeping a window-punch/seat-belt cutter all-in-one tool is an easy way to ensure that in the absolute worst-case scenario, you'll be prepared. It's incredible affordable. Less than $10 to keep this small yet effective piece of equipment in your car that could come in handy one day. 

Line2Design Window Punch Seatbelt Cutter