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LINE2design Chest Seal, Occlusive Dressing, Open Chest Wound, Trauma First Aid, 2 Pack



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The LINE2design Chest Seal is an advanced occlusive dressing designed to treat open chest trauma. The Chest Seal is used when there are penetrating injuries to the chest that result in open chest wounds that may lead to traumatic tension pneumothorax.

The LINE2design Trauma Chest Seals are specifically designed with an emergency medical grade hydrogel adhesive strong enough to adhere to skin that is exposed to blood, sweat, hair, sand or water.  The Chest Seals are packaged in a vacuum sealed, sterile, easy-to-open pouch designed for speed in emergency medical situations.  The easy to use LINE2design Chest Seal has a transparent backing to facilitate easy placement over the wound area, conforming to the patient’s chest.


  • Used by Military, Police, Fire, EMS and First Responders
  • Large square 5 ¾” x 5 ¾” for maximum coverage area
  • Large pull tab for easy peel and application
  • Transparent backing for easy placement over the traumatic chest wound
  • Strong medical grade hydrogel adhesive for superior bond
  • Conforms and adheres to all body surfaces
  • Sterile
  • Latex-free   
  • Non-vented
  • Easy to open vacuum sealed package
  • Individually packaged
  • FDA 510(k) Exempt

The LINE2design Chest Seal is an occlusive dressing for use for pre-hospital emergency management of individuals with penetrating chest wounds. The LINE2design Chest Seal comes in an individual, compact, vacuum sealed pouch.  It is designed to allow quick and easy application during emergency medical trauma situations when every second counts. The LINE2design Chest Seal is made with advanced hydrogel adhesive to provide a superior bond in the most adverse conditions, including skin that is exposed to blood, sweat, hair, sand or water. Packaged in a rugged, easy-to-open small pouch, that is ideal and easy to fit in your MOLLE kit, first aid kit, cargo pocket, body armor or even at your desk for emergency situations. Package Size: 6” x 4”   Chest Seal Size: 5 ¾” x 5 ¾”

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