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CPR Keychains


LINE2design CPR Board Life Saver Medical Board First Aid Supplies - Easy Patient Lifting CPR Board - Orange

The LINE2design Lifesaver CPR Board is ideal for CPR training and CPR administration by providing a firm surface that helps to properly position a patient. The CPR Board is better for patients with cervical spine injury to avoid the opening of the airway during CPR The amount of cervical spine injury caused by greater. The head cup maintains proper alignment of...

LINE2design Emergency Rescue Mini 911 CPR Mask Keychain Case with One-Way Valve & CPR Face Shield - Red

The 911 CPR Mask, Mini Keychain One-Way Valve with CPR Face Shield is a micro keychain that contains a mask for use while saving a life. It is a CPR barrier packed into a small keychain case. The LINE2design keychain allows for quick access for emergency medical situations. It is a must-have item for all CPR trained personnel to carry...