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Emergency Equipment


LINE2design 7.5" Stainless Steel Surgical Paramedic Trauma Sheers - 3 Pack

The LINE2design Trauma Sheers-Scissors have razor sharp, surgical stainless steel blades with one serrated edge capable of cutting through the toughest materials. These Trauma Sheers are very durable and perfect for quickly cutting patient's clothing as well as many other materials. They fit nicely into belt holders, pockets, or easily on the ambulance or fire engine. All boxes are a...

LINE2design Automatic Spring Loaded Brass Center Window Punch Tool Firefighter EMT Paramedic

The spring loaded brass window center punch by LINE2design is made with a knurled brass body for a secure grip and durability, and a stainless steel point for quick, sharp, and accurate piercing of window glass for all types of emergency entries. Great for Firefighters, EMS, Police and anyone who wants peace of mind. Use the heavy head to align with...

LINE2design Emergency Rescue Car Safety Hammer SeatBelt Cutter Glass Window Punch Escape Tool

The Original LINE2design Car Safety Emergency Rescue  Hammer with built in concealed razor sharp blade to easily cut through the strongest seat belts. One end of the rescue hammer has a double sided steel striking heads for shattering side glass windows.  Includes black mounting cradle to keep the life hammer in a secure location.  The LINE2design lifesaver hammer is light weight...

LINE2design Emergency Seat Belt Cutters Rescue Lifesaver, EMS Tools - Red 4-Pack

The Emergency Medical Lifesaver Seat Belt Cutter by LINE2design is manufactured from hard impact plastic and easily cuts through any seat belt and other material quickly and safely. This seat belt cutter cuts through seat belts 100 times faster than scissors! It comes with a hardened Stainless Steel blade and is perfect for all rescue personnel. Conveniently sized at approximately 4...

LINE2design EMS EMT Durable Eye Safety Lenses Lab Anti Fog Black Framed Clear Protective Glasses

The EMS Safety Glasses by LINE2design are durable and economical. They come with adjustable side rails and clear anti-fog lenses. These EMS Safety Glasses are the perfect eye protection for reducing exposures from blood-borne pathogens, but can be used anytime eye protection is warranted. They are tough to withstand the variety of scenarios firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, and first responders encounter....

LINE2design EMS Safety Vest ANSI Polyester Fabric Yellow with Reflective Trim, Outlined in Navy

LINE2design Safety Vest EMS ANSI Polyester Fabric Yellow with Navy Trim-Large Size Vest has a velcro closure on the front and sides to offer the breakaway feature. S-XXL: This is an adjustable vest and the standard size is Large. You can tighten it up to make smaller or loosen in up to go up to XXL. This is an over...