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LINE2Design Deluxe Pedi Save & Pediatric Child Restraint Seat System - Royal Blue

The LINE2design Pedi-Save is an innovative pediatric-child restraint seat-system for secure emergency medical service (EMS) transportation for pediatric patients ranging in weight from 10-100 lbs. This new design offers the highest quality upgraded 5-point webbing strap harness and heavy duty metal quick release buckles. The new Deluxe Pedi-Save Pediatric-Child Restraint Seat easily attaches to most gurneys for safe and secure...

LINE2design First Aid KED Extrication Device - Immobilization Paramedic EMT Trauma Kit with Carrying Case - Green

The Kendrick Extrication Device by LINE2design is a complete immobilization device and is ideal for extricating patients from auto accidents or confined spaces where a long backboard would be impractical or impossible. The KED is an easy to apply and extremely effective extrication device which provides immobilization through vertical rigidity but allows for horizontal flexibility in order to extricate the...

LINE2design Pediatric Seat EMS EMT Adjustable Emergency Immobilization Unit - Orange

Using a five-point harness, the LINE2design pediatric immobilization seat attaches quickly, easily to most gurneys. The unit securely holds a 10-40 lb child. A fully-adjustable 5 point harness system fits each child firmly and provides safe control during transport. The pediatric seat is compact, folds flat or you can roll it up, allowing for efficient storage and retrieval. Features: Fits 10-40...