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Firefighter Shove Knife with Protective Cover- Lightweight Emergency EMS Public Safety Tool

The LINE2design innovative forcible entry shove knife with protective cover is used by professional to open doors with ease usually without damage. This versatile shove knife tool is often the quickest, easiest, and least destructive way to open locked interior doors in residences or offices with simple “key in knob” locks. The clever design lets you use the knife from either...

LINE2design Shove Knife Pack of 2

Emergency tool Non-contact push and pull tool Emergency wire and breaker puller Wedge and/or spacer tool Product Dimensions: 6-inch (width) x 7/8-inch (height) x 5/64-inch (thickness)

Rescue Kit-Shove Knife - Brass Window Punch and Lifesaving Seat Belt Cutter

The LINE2design multi-purpose tool kit made of full metal with a unique design that enables the tools to be easily handheld to effectively save effort and time while working on laborious repair or maintenance tasks. Made in accordance with ergonomics design makes them comfortable to hold in your hands. The anti-slip handle of the slip remover prevents it from falling...

LINE2design Emergency Rescue Firefighter EMT Lightweight Seat Belt Cutter with Built In O2 Wrench

The Emergency Rescue Seat Belt Cutter by LINE2design features a built-in Oxygen (O2) wrench. It cuts quickly through restraining belts, clothes, etc making it the perfect tool for Firefighters, Paramedics, EMT's and ambulance service providers. The versatile design makes it easy to grip, even while wearing gloves. The cutter opens easily to replace blades. It is crafted with a high...

Firefighter Water-Resistant Escape Round Rope Bags with Reflective Trim - Black

This small LINE2design Round rope bag is constructed of heavy duty water-resistant material. It can hold up to 40ft of 8mm personal escape rope. Comes with a swivel snap hook for easy attachment to your gear and has lime/yellow triple trim that circles the bag, making it very visible. 6″ h x 4″ diameter, holds 40 feet of 8mm rope....

Leather Firefighter Axe Holder with Swivel

This heavy duty leather firefighter axe holder features two stainless steel belt clips for easy attachment to a truck belt, escape belt or your SCBA harness with strap up to 1 3/4″ wide. It has a 360° ball bearing swivel for proper positioning of your axe. The axe locks in place with a secure leather flap and velcro closure. The...

LINE2design Elite Firefighter Gear Bag Fireman Rescue Turnout Fire Bag

LINE2design Elite Firefighter Gear Bag is made with the most advanced durable and synthetic fabric on the market. The Ripstop fabric has an outer shell that is water repellent, able to withstand above average water exposure. The 27” x 17” x 13” bag features two separate zippered storage pockets on each end, one main center zippered storage compartment for carrying...

Wedge Pack – Door & Sprinkler Combo Pack

The original LINE2design thermal plastic rubber door and sprinkler wedges comes four to a pack- 2 yellow and 2 orange. A very handy wedge to carry in your pocket or on your helmet. Only 3″ long. Bulk purchase available upon request. Custom colors are also available with minimum quantities. Features: Only 3″ long. Door & Sprinkler Combo Pack 4 Comes four to...

LINE2design Emergency Shove Knife & Seatbelt Survival Cutter

  Wedge and/or spacer tool Fits easily into a response holster. Size: 4 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ Multi-Purpose Tool 6-inch (width) x 7/8-inch (height) x 5/64-inch (thickness) LINE2design LevelOne Emergency Set belt cutter is perfect for vehicle emergency kits. Sharp stainless steel blade enables you to cut seat belt quickly in an emergency. Great tool for personal vehicles.