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Emergency Rescue Multi-Purpose Utility Bar-Tool, Brass Window Punch and Lifesaving Seat Belt Cutter, Emergency Safety Tool Kit

The LINE2design multi-purpose tool kit made of full metal with a unique design that enables the tools to be easily handheld to effectively save effort and time while working on laborious repair or maintenance tasks. Made in accordance with ergonomics design makes them comfortable to hold in your hands. The anti-slip handle of the slip remover prevents it from falling...

LINE2design Shove Knife Pack of 2

Emergency tool Non-contact push and pull tool Emergency wire and breaker puller Wedge and/or spacer tool Product Dimensions: 6-inch (width) x 7/8-inch (height) x 5/64-inch (thickness)

LINE2design Emergency Shove Knife & Seatbelt Survival Cutter

LINE2design LevelOne Emergency Set belt cutter is perfect for vehicle emergency kits. Sharp stainless steel blade enables you to cut seat belt quickly in an emergency. Great tool for personal vehicles. Fits easily into a response holster. Size: 4 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ Wedge and/or spacer tool

LINE2design Nasopharyngeal (Nasal) Airway 28F Kit, 2 pcs NPA, Airway Management Kit

LINE2design Nasopharyngeal (Nasal) Airway Kits are made of soft PVC material for nasal airway management.  Our nasopharyngeal NPA kit includes two 28F size tubes, with two packets of lubricating jelly. Latex-free Individually sealed (NPA) Flexible soft tubes Sterile individual sealed package Two each: 28F Two individual packets of lubricating jelly .5 gram LINE2design Nasal Airway Kit comes with 2 sized...

LINE2desgin Replacement Battery for Motorized Power Stair Chair 70018-B

The LINE2design replacement battery is specifically designed to fit the LINE2design battery powered, motorized stair climber wheelchair.  Note:  This battery ONLY fits the LINE2design motorized power stair climber, due to the unique design of the holding bracket and cables.  

Thermometer Adult Child Body Digital LCD Temerature Measurement

Child Adult Body Digital LCD Thermometer Temperature Measurement Features Waterproof, rinse with water after the measurement day, regular use of alcohol can also be disinfected Beep, beep after the end of the measurement automatically prompt (measured mercury do not know how long the subject, this section no such concerns) Precision, accuracy up to ± 0.5 ℃, the minimum scale reading...

LINE2design Stair Chair - Medical Foldable Aluminum Mobile Evacuation Chair- Red

LINE2design Mobile Lift Stair Chair with 2 Wheels.  This Emergency Evacuation Stair Chair is ideal for moving a patient down stairs. Comes with all black vinyl easy to clean material. Height:  36"  Width: 20"  Length:  28"  Folded Depth:  8 1/2" Weight: 21 lbs   Product Documents Download Instructions Product Specifications

LINE2design Emergency Medical, Tactical Trauma Backpack, Molle System Backpack, Outdoor Day Pack

LINE2design’s Emergency Tactical Backpack is ideal for any emergency medical situation, stop bleeding kits, first-aid kits, survival, outdoor activities, school and everyday use.  A large front zippered compartment provides many pockets for organization of your emergency first aid supplies and Stop the Bleed kit. The multiple compartments and pockets will also help keep your hiking, day bag or school supplies...

LINE2design Individual Advanced C.A.T. Tourniquet MOLLE Kit, Emergency Medical Kit, Trauma Stop Bleeding Kit, Gunshot Emergency Kit-Navy

LINE2design MOLLE Bag Kit comes complete with emergency first aid and stop bleeding medical supplies. This Individual First Aid Kit has what you need readily accessible for an emergency medical, or trauma situation. The LINE2design MOLLE C.A.T. Tourniquet first aid, stop bleeding bag is made with a specialized, first of a kind material with a PVC inner lining.  The MOLLE bag...