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Oxygen Masks


LINE2design Complete Non-Rebreather Pediatric Soft Clear Vinyl Mask with 7' Tubing

The Complete Non-Rebreather mask by LINE2design features an elongated shape helps the mask to fit snugly under the chin, hugging the contours of most face sizes. It is made of a soft, clear vinyl that maximizes patient comfort and visibility, while a check valve prevents rebreathing CO2 maximizes performance. It includes a reservoir bag and 7 feet of tubing.  ...

LINE2design Elongated Medium Concentration Clear Soft Vinyl Mask with 7' Oxygen Tubing

The Elongated Medium Concentration Mask by LINE2design is simple mask used to deliver oxygen to patients in distress. It is purposefully made of clear, soft vinyl plastic for exceptional patient comfort and added visibility. The elongated shape is designed to fit tightly under the chin allowing it to contour to most face sizes. It includes 7 feet of oxygen tubing....

LINE2design Elongated Oxygen Masks - Latex Free Concentration Clear Soft Vinyl Adult Mask with 7ft Oxygen Tubing

Partial non-rebreathing oxygen supply mask features an elongated shape to fit a wide range of faces and sizes. An adjustable nose clip and nylon strap ensure a snug fit during use. Made of clear, soft vinyl. Includes 750mL reservoir and 7' feet of oxygen supply tubing. Latex-free. Case:50 Color, clear