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LINE2design Comfortable Poly Tissue Pillowcase Disposable Medical Infection Control Pillows Light Blue 22" x 30" - 100 Cases

The LINE2design disposable soft pillow cases offer a smooth comfortable surface for your head and face.  These disposable pillow cases are a great choice when you have to keep your area clean to reduce contamination. Poly Tissue Pillowcases 100 per case 22"x 30" Single use Aid in infection control Color, light blue  

LINE2design Comfortable Soft Pillowcase Medical Disposable EMS Classic Pillows 22" x 30" White - Case of 100

The LINE2design Disposable Soft Tissue Pillowcase has a fluid resistant coating but is conveniently disposable and economical. Made from a blend of premium facial quality fibers that are durable and tough, this pillowcase provides outstanding moisture protection for the cot pillow while giving the patient the head comfort needed for quality patient care. The LINE2design Disposable Pillowcase weighs 32 grams....

LINE2design EMS Classic Comfortable Medical Disposable Pillows White - Pack of 10

The Disposable Pillows by LINE2design offers a super soft and supportive polypropylene ticking that is fluid-proof, fully wipeable and yet imitates the soft, quiet feel of your pillows at home. These EMS, emergency health care pillows display 18oz of garnered polyester. Protects against stains and spills. Helps in controlling infections. Ideal for hopsitals, urgent care centers, medical centers, clinics, and...