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LINE2design Backboard Spine Board Straps Adjustable Strap 3PK

The Two-Piece 5' Disposable Spineboard Straps with loop ends and Plastic Buckle. Made from durable material and available from LINE2design in 5′ length to fit most immobilization backboard on the market. Hook and loop closures provide secure connection while allowing infinite adjustment and a reflective center stripe for foolproof assembly. The individually adjustable sections enable EMTs to properly position the harness...

LINE2design Emergency EMS Medical Backboard Spider Straps 10 Point Immobilization Spineboard Strap System

The LINE2design Emergency Medical Economy 10 Point Spider Strap System allows for fast total body immobilization on a spinal immobilization board. This spider strap system features two “suspender” type over-the-shoulder straps, non-choking “V” near the patient’s neck, 4 adjustable torso/limb straps with adjustable center strap, and blue polypropylene webbing with heavy duty hook and loop closures. Features: Medical spine board...

LINE2design EMS 11 Point Reflective Spineboard Immobilization Securing Straps System with Adjustable Clips

The LINE2design 11 points of contact, medical strapping system provide superior patient security and immobilization. Our exclusive “Delvin Tri-Slide” clip is adjustable while securing straps in place on and off the board, unlike the spider straps. The 11th point also allows straps to be cleared of the patient while remaining attached to your spine board. Constructed of fluid impervious poly...