LINE2EMS Pediatric Restraint Seats Comparison and Review

Pediatric Restraint Seats Comparison and Review


Pediatric restraint seat systems are designed for the emergency transport of a child in an ambulance or other emergency vehicle. In some states, they are required by law, but even if they aren’t legally mandated, it’s always a good idea to include at least one of these in your inventory of essential ambulance safety equipment.


Pediatric restraints both stabilize and save lives

A pediatric restraint system is designed to keep an injured child immobilized during transport. It helps to minimize any further injury that could happen as a result of the child moving about or destabilizing inside the emergency vehicle, and can be very helpful in certain extenuating circumstances, such as if the child has challenging behaviors, is disabled in any way, has a broken bone, a tracheotomy, or particular muscle abnormalities that limit their range of motion or ability to sit on their own.


Using pediatric restraints, the child can be safely strapped and secured onto a gurney or into an attendant seat, allowing them to receive emergency treatment in the vehicle and keep them snug and secure as they are being transported.


The pediatric restraint system also provides crash protection, and can help to safely secure the child as their injured parent is transported to the hospital. The pediatric restraint can secure a small child in a car seat that is strapped into the base of an ambulance attendant seat and can be easily adjusted to accommodate an infant.


Line2design and LINE2EMS offers two different pediatric restraint devices, each with their own unique features:


68185-O Fluid Resistant Pediatric Seat EMS EMT Adjustable Emergency Immobilization Unit

This is a five-point pediatric immobilization harness that attaches quickly and easily to the gurney, or to an attendant seat outfitted with a child seat. This unit is made from durable, fluid-resistant synthetic fabric, and features high-quality, heavy-duty straps that are fully adjustable to accommodate a child ranging in size from 10 pounds to 40 pounds, or anywhere from infant size to approximately 5 years of age. The 68185-O rolls up for easy storage and will fit into even the most challenging spaces. Color is orange


68187-RB Deluxe Fluid-Resistant Pediatric Child Restraint Seat System

This unit is designed for pediatric patients ranging in size from 10 pounds to 40 pounds, or anywhere from infant size to approximately 5 years of age. It features heavy-duty webbed straps with quick-release metal buckles and hardware for a fully adjustable fit. The five-point harness is designed to attach to any gurney or seat, allowing for safe and secure transport, every time. Made of ultra-durable all impervious PVC material, it is easy to clean and rolls up into a zippered storage pouch when not in use. This particular style comes with heavy duty seat belt metal buckles and webbing straps.  This deluxe LINE2design pediatric seat is made out of high-quality material and the design is built to last and is as easy to care for as it is to stow and deploy.

When you are transporting precious cargo, safety is job one

Providing stability for a child during transport is so important, especially in a potentially emotional situation, such as when a parent has been injured or if the child his or herself has been injured. A pediatric child restraint system such as those offered by Line2design helps to minimize further injury and provide excellent crash protection. Whether safety compliance laws dictate or not, a five-point child restraint is essential for any emergency vehicle.


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