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LINE2design Emergency Evacuation Manual Track Stair Chair

The LINE2design Manual Emergency Evacuation Track Stair Chair allows you to provide the safe transport of patients up and down stairs. The Manual Emergency Evacuation Track Stair Chair has two rear tracks that make contact with the stairs, allowing the chair to glide over the edge of the stairs eliminating the need to lift the patient and chair. The Manual...

LINE2design Emergency Rescue CPR Face Shield Keychain Kit with Breathing Barrier & Vinyl Gloves - Red

The CPR Keychain with Face Shield is a convenient pouch with belt loop and key ring made by LINE2design to give every rescuer comforting protection at any time. A one-way valve protects the rescuer from direct contact with the patient’s mouth. Comes with clear instructions with hand placement guide printed on breathing barrier to indicate correct use. Kit Includes 1 Nylon...

LINE2design Emergency Evacuation Stair Chair Wall Bracket

The LINE2desgin Emergency Evacuation Stair Chair wall bracket is designed to hold all the LINE2design brand Stair Chairs.  Each Emergency Evacuation Stair Chair can be hung in various ways to meet the need of each situation. This is a heavy duty metal wall bracket with a rubberized coating with 6 pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.  The Stair Chair bracket comes...

LINE2design Emergency First Aid Responder Kit Medical EMS Economic Fully Stocked Bag For All Emergencies - Red

The Economic First Aid Kit by LINE2design is a perfectly designed first aid kit for any occasion. Its mobility makes it versatile for lifeguards, swimmers, and you at the office or home without jeopardizing the critical content needed for ambulance service providers to use on a regular basis for quick responses. The size and ease of the Economic First Aid...

LINE2design Sling Backpack, Bleeding Control Sling Bag, Over The Shoulder Sling Backpack, MOLLE Bag for First Aid Day Pack - Red

LINE2design’s Sling Backpack is made of the highest quality specialized material and features three zippered compartments, a padded back pocket and interior pockets.   Our Tactical Sling Backpack is MOLLE compatible and features strong webbing loops that are ideal for attaching and securing gear.  The bag comes in three color choices:  black, navy or red and features an interchangeable 2 ¾”...

LINE2design Emergency Medical Backpack Trauma First Aid Kit


LINE2design Emergency Rescue Car Safety Hammer SeatBelt Cutter Glass Window Punch Escape Tool

The Original LINE2design Car Safety Emergency Rescue  Hammer with built in concealed razor sharp blade to easily cut through the strongest seat belts. One end of the rescue hammer has a double sided steel striking heads for shattering side glass windows.  Includes black mounting cradle to keep the life hammer in a secure location.  The LINE2design lifesaver hammer is light weight...

LINE2design Medical Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope EMS Paramedic Duel Head Stethoscopes with 2 Pairs Ear Tips - Black

The sprague rappaport stethoscope offers the EMS and medical professionals an economical solution for those situations that require a quality listening device. Each stethoscope features a chrome binaural, silver chest piece, and 22″ Y-tubing, duel head and 2 pair of ear tips. All sprague stethoscopes are packaged with a spare diaphragm and a pair of mushroom ear tips. Overall stethoscope length...

LINE2design EMS Disposable Immobilization Spineboard Straps Orange with Plastic Buckle - 3 Pack

The Two-Piece 5' Disposable Spineboard Straps with loop ends and Plastic Buckle. Made from durable material and available from LINE2design in 5′ length to fit most immobilization backboard on the market. Hook and loop closures provide secure connection while allowing infinite adjustment and a reflective center stripe for foolproof assembly. The individually adjustable sections enable EMTs to properly position the harness...