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Deluxe Heavy Duty Emergency Medical Evacuation Stair Chair - 4 Wheel in Yellow

The LINE2design EMS Deluxe Heavy Duty Emergency Evacuation 4-Wheel Stair Chair has an extra sturdy 2” tubular welded frame in bright yellow for easy visibility.  ✔ Durable The Stair Chair comes with a heavy duty black all-impervious vinyl seat and back rest that is durable and easy to clean.   ✔ Heavy Duty Safety A heavy duty, 2” cross-body, quick release restraint straps provide extra...

LINE2design Portable Transport Unit Durable 14 Handled Patient Transfer

The LINE2design Portable Transport Unit are made from a fluid-resistant, rugged, non-woven material. The Portable Transport Unit is durable and holds up to 1500 lbs, measures 40 inches x 80 inches, and features 6 secure handles per side and one on each end, It is gray with black handles. This transport unit folds up flat for easy storage and is ideal if...

LINE2design Emergency Firefighter Rescue Tool Kit - Brass Window Punch Seat Belt Cutter & Shove Knife with Cover

This LINE2design, 3 tool emergency rescue kit is great for the worst situations. The clever design lets you use the shove knife tool from either side of the door. If the door opens inward (away from you), flexible blade in back of the molding stop and push or slide the blade to retract the latch. For doors that open outwards...

LINE2Design Deluxe Pedi Save & Pediatric Child Restraint Seat System - Royal Blue

The LINE2design Pedi-Save is an innovative pediatric-child restraint seat-system for secure emergency medical service (EMS) transportation for pediatric patients ranging in weight from 10-100 lbs. This new design offers the highest quality upgraded 5-point webbing strap harness and heavy duty metal quick release buckles. The new Deluxe Pedi-Save Pediatric-Child Restraint Seat easily attaches to most gurneys for safe and secure...

LINE2design Sling Backpack, Bleeding Control Sling Bag, Over The Shoulder Sling Backpack, MOLLE Bag for First Aid Day Pack - Navy

LINE2design’s Sling Backpack is made of the highest quality specialized material and features three zippered compartments, a padded back pocket and interior pockets.   Our Tactical Sling Backpack is MOLLE compatible and features strong webbing loops that are ideal for attaching and securing gear.  The bag comes in three color choices:  black, navy or red and features an interchangeable 2 ¾”...

LINE2design 7.5" Stainless Steel First Aid Medical EMS EMT Surgical Paramedic Trauma Sheers

The LINE2design Trauma Sheers-Scissors have razor sharp, surgical stainless steel blades with one serrated edge capable of cutting through the toughest materials. These Trauma Sheers are very durable and perfect for quickly cutting patient's clothing as well as many other materials. They fit nicely into belt holders, pockets, or easily on the ambulance or fire engine. All boxes are a...

LINE2design Portable Manual Suction Pump Emergency EMS Medical Lightweight Disposable Hand Operated Vacuum Pump - White

The portable manual suction pump by LINE2design is hand-operated suction pump. This versatile, hand-powered emergency pump provides a cost effective alternative, offering convenience and performance. The LINE2design Manual Suction Pump is an effective and efficient Manual Suction Pump for the quick suctioning of fluids in the mouth and nose region in emergency situations. Simple to use with maximal suction power. A light...

LINE2design Nasopharyngeal (Nasal) Airway Kit, 6 pcs NPA, Airway Management Kit

LINE2design Nasopharyngeal (Nasal) Airway Kits are made of soft PVC material for nasal airway management.  Our nasopharyngeal NPA kit includes six different size tubes: 22F, 24F, 26F, 28F, 30F and 32F with six packets of lubricating jelly. Latex-free Individually sealed (NPA) Flexible soft tubes Sterile individual sealed package One each: 22F, 24F, 26F, 28F, 30F & 32F Six individual packets...

LINE2design Emergency Evacuation Manual Track Stair Chair

The LINE2design Manual Emergency Evacuation Track Stair Chair allows you to provide the safe transport of patients up and down stairs. The Manual Emergency Evacuation Track Stair Chair has two rear tracks that make contact with the stairs, allowing the chair to glide over the edge of the stairs eliminating the need to lift the patient and chair. The Manual...