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Deluxe Heavy Duty Emergency Medical Evacuation Stair Chair - 4 Wheel in Yellow

The LINE2design EMS Deluxe Heavy Duty Emergency Evacuation 4-Wheel Stair Chair has an extra sturdy 2” tubular welded frame in bright yellow for easy visibility.  ✔ Durable The Stair Chair comes with a heavy duty black all-impervious vinyl seat and back rest that is durable and easy to clean.   ✔ Heavy Duty Safety A heavy duty, 2” cross-body, quick release restraint straps provide extra...

LINE2design 2-Wheel Deluxe Evacuation Folding Stair Chair - Ideal for EMS/Ambulance Transport

The LINE2design EMS Deluxe Heavy Duty Emergency Evacuation 2-Wheel Stair Chair has an extra sturdy 2” tubular frame in bright yellow for easy visibility. The Stair Chair comes with a heavy duty black all-impervious vinyl seat and backrest that is durable and easy to clean. A heavy duty, 2” cross body, quick release restraint straps provide extra safety to the patient...

LINE2design Adjustable Pediatric Spinal Immobilization Backboard Medical EMS Emergency Pediatric Support Board

Serves as a pediatric spine immobilizer for transport, as well as a restraint system for children from 28″ to 54″ tall, weighing 20 to 90 lb. Built-in fastening loops connect to existing cot straps for maximum patient safety during transport. Individual leg restraints allow one leg to be immobilized while EMT attends to another leg. Features: Adjustable head support with...

LINE2design Battery Powered Track Stair Chair -Yellow

The LINE2design Battery Powered Track Stair Chair allows you to provide the safe transport of patients up and down stairs. The Battery Powered Track Stair Chair has a power track system that makes transporting patients up and down stairs an easy task. The power track system provides controlled transportation up and down stairs. When operating this chair the power tracks...

LINE2design Burn Sheets Sterile Laminated Tissue Fibers 80 inch x 90 inch - Blue

The LINE2design Burn Sheets are made of woven laminated tissue fibers that allow for a sterile environment to protect the patient from pathogens and infection. The burn sheets by LINE2design resist tearing because of a superior design that contours to the patient giving added comfort and strength and will not fall apart when the package is opened like so many others....

LINE2design Comfortable Poly Tissue Pillowcase Disposable Medical Infection Control Pillows Light Blue 22" x 30" - 100 Cases

The LINE2design disposable soft pillow cases offer a smooth comfortable surface for your head and face.  These disposable pillow cases are a great choice when you have to keep your area clean to reduce contamination. Poly Tissue Pillowcases 100 per case 22"x 30" Single use Aid in infection control Color, light blue  

LINE2design Comfortable Soft Pillowcase Medical Disposable EMS Classic Pillows 22" x 30" White - Case of 100

The LINE2design Disposable Soft Tissue Pillowcase has a fluid resistant coating but is conveniently disposable and economical. Made from a blend of premium facial quality fibers that are durable and tough, this pillowcase provides outstanding moisture protection for the cot pillow while giving the patient the head comfort needed for quality patient care. The LINE2design Disposable Pillowcase weighs 32 grams....

LINE2design Disposable Flat Drape Sheets Poly Tissue 2 Ply 40"x90"

LINE2design has carefully crafted their Disposable Ambulance Flat Drape Sheets which are made of very durable blue two-ply poly-tissue. They are super soft, opaque drape sheets and have a pebble-embossed pattern for added strength and enhanced appearance. 2 Ply Blue Size: 40" x 90" 50 Per Case

LINE2design Emergency Aluminized Silver Warm Thermal Mylar Blanket First Aid Rescue Waterproof & Windproof - 52" x 84"

The cost-effective Aluminized Foil Mylar Emergency Blanket by LINE2design reflects up to 90% of body heat to keep patients warm. Perfect for a variety of emergencies, including water emergencies, hypothermia, traffic accidents, and many more. This Aluminized Mylar Emergency Blanket is great for fire departments, ambulance service providers, and even the trunks of police cars or any rescuer. It is...