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Firefighter Shove Knife with Protective Cover- Lightweight Emergency EMS Public Safety Tool

The LINE2design innovative forcible entry shove knife with protective cover is used by professional to open doors with ease usually without damage. This versatile shove knife tool is often the quickest, easiest, and least destructive way to open locked interior doors in residences or offices with simple “key in knob” locks. The clever design lets you use the knife from either...

LINE2design 2-Wheel Deluxe Evacuation Folding Stair Chair - Ideal for EMS/Ambulance Transport

The LINE2design EMS Deluxe Heavy Duty Emergency Evacuation 2-Wheel Stair Chair has an extra sturdy 2” tubular frame in bright yellow for easy visibility. The Stair Chair comes with a heavy duty black all-impervious vinyl seat and backrest that is durable and easy to clean. A heavy duty, 2” cross body, quick release restraint straps provide extra safety to the patient...

LINE2design Blood Pressure Cuff Kit, 5 BP Cuffs with an Aneroid Gauge and Nylon Carrying Case - Blue

The LINE2design Blood Pressure Cuff Kit offers 5 cuffs held neatly in an organized blue nylon case that keeps the cuffs protected. A chrome-plated aneroid gauge is included with the BP Kit.  The internal pouches are individually labeled, indicating the size of each BP cuff, to make it easy to find when you are ready to use.   This is...

LINE2design Emergency Evacuation 2 Wheel Stair Chair Lift EMS Quick Release Buckle with Patient Restraint Straps & Front-Back Handles

The LINE2design EMS, Emergency Evacuation Standard 2 wheel stair chair, comes with a heavy duty orange vinyl protective cover that is durable and easy to clean along with 3 heavy duty quick release restraint straps to secure individuals during transport or while moving the patient up or down stairs. This stair chair features 2 – 5″ rear wheels that make for...

LINE2design Motorized Mobile Stair Chair Lift Climber

The LINE2design Motorized Mobile Stair Lift Climber allows you to provide the safe transport of patients up and down stairs.  The Battery Powered Lift Track Stair Chair has a power track system that makes transporting patients up and down stairs an easy task. The power track system provides controlled transportation up and down stairs. When operating this chair the power...

LINE2design Sling Backpack, Bleeding Control Sling Bag, Over The Shoulder Sling Backpack, MOLLE Bag for First Aid Day Pack - Black

LINE2design’s Sling Backpack is made of the highest quality specialized material and features three zippered compartments, a padded back pocket and interior pockets.   Our Tactical Sling Backpack is MOLLE compatible and features strong webbing loops that are ideal for attaching and securing gear.  The bag comes in three color choices:  black, navy or red and features an interchangeable 2 ¾”...

LINE2design BVM (Bag Valve Mask) Disposable Resuscitators with Oxygen Tubing & Pressure Relief Valves

The Bag Valve Mask by LINE2design is a disposable, manual resuscitator offered in adult, pediatric and infant sizes with 1500 ml, 550 ml, and 280 ml PVC bags, respectively. The BVM includes a PC reservoir valve set, a PC intake valve set, an air cushion mask for a comfortable and secure seal, oxygen tubing 2 meters long, a 2500 ml...

LINE2design Blood Pressure Cuffs with Carrying Case

The best value in patient care! These LINE2design Blood Pressure Cuffs have a Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, guaranteed accuracy with a no needle stop gauge that registers the actual pressure reading. The Blood Pressure Cuffs come in a variety of sizes and have an adjustable velcro cuff, as well as a comfortable inflation valve with a metal locking screw. Unit comes complete...

Deluxe Heavy Duty Emergency Medical Evacuation Stair Chair - 4 Wheel in Yellow

The LINE2design EMS Deluxe Heavy Duty Emergency Evacuation 4-Wheel Stair Chair has an extra sturdy 2” tubular welded frame in bright yellow for easy visibility.  ✔ Durable The Stair Chair comes with a heavy duty black all-impervious vinyl seat and back rest that is durable and easy to clean.   ✔ Heavy Duty Safety A heavy duty, 2” cross-body, quick release restraint straps provide extra...