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Gurney-Cot Sheets


LINE2design Disposable Flat Drape Sheets Poly Tissue 2 Ply 40"x90"

LINE2design has carefully crafted their Disposable Ambulance Flat Drape Sheets which are made of very durable blue two-ply poly-tissue. They are super soft, opaque drape sheets and have a pebble-embossed pattern for added strength and enhanced appearance. 2 Ply Blue Size: 40" x 90" 50 Per Case

LINE2design Heavy Duty Medical Ambulance Gurney Cot Sheets 30" x 72" White

Made of very durable spun-bonded polypropylene material, the Ambulance Heavy Duty Gurney-Cot Sheets are both fluid-resistant and so strong they can support the entire patient’s body weight! LINE2design provides these gurney sheets in white with square pocket ends for superior patient comfort and strength. Available in 90 grams Size: 30" x 72" 50 per case